FlyDubai to take off by mid-2009

Ghaith Al Ghaith, CEO of FlyDubai, said the new low cost airline, FlyDubai is to take off by mid-2009. “Though the launch was planned for summer, we hoped to take off earlier. But strikes at Boeing delayed delivery. However, we will still be able to start in mid-2009. We are now in final negotiations with Boeing on delivery dates.”

Al Ghaith said talks with banks are progressing. “We expect to face no problems in raising the required finance.”


5 Responses

  1. we wish you all the best. i have applied for a job in the company but still no anser. we would like to know wether we have selected . any way we wish you ones a gail the grate sucsess of the airline

  2. Mr Ghaith we wish you the grate sucsess.
    i would also know if a person has applied for a job in fly dubai how will that person know whether he or she is selected. any way ones a gain this is a big help for the people to get carrier oppertunity as well as a chalange to other airlines

  3. Fly Dubai will be a big competitor to other low cost airlines in the Middle East region. The presence of challenge is the keyword behind every success.

  4. Nice project

  5. That is great news. It shows how determined Mr. Ghaith is.

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