Terminal 2 handed over to flydubai

Dubai Airports’ CEO has said the refurb project at Terminal 2 will be finished in time for the launch of flydubai’s inaugural flight on June 1.

“We are just about to hand over the keys to flydubai,” said Paul Griffiths.

“T2 has undergone somewhat of a transformation over the last few months. Not only have we created additional capacity but the quality has been ugraded and it is now better than it has ever been.”

Griffiths explained the low-cost airline is not exclusive to T2 but a segregated area has been created in order to ease congestion.

“Flydubai will have its own zone and this has been possible due to its route structure and the timing of its flights..

“T2’s refurbishment is expected to help ease congestion when the new airline launched,” he added.

Griffiths was unable to say how many extra passengers would pass through the terminal once flydubai opened for business, but said that figures would be released at the end of June.

Currently the terminal is capable of handling 25 million passengers a year.

Flydubai gets its first Boeing 737-800

Flydubai, Dubai’s first low cost carrier, today received the first of 50 Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft it had ordered. The airline is scheduled to commence flights on June 1.

‘For many years the Government of Dubai has recognised the need for a low cost carrier to serve our country,’ said Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman of flydubai.

‘When we placed our historic order for 50 737-800 NG aircraft from Boeing at Farnborough last year, we said that we would receive the first aircraft in May 2009 and begin flights soon after. Today we are delivering on that promise with the unveiling of our first aircraft, following close on the heels of the announcement of our first flight, which will be on June 1.

‘ The unveiling ceremony revealed the aircraft to a crowd of industry experts, staff and media and gave the first real glimpse of the airline’s striking livery. The bright tones of blue and orange, personally selected by Sheikh Mohammed, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, were chosen to reflect the colours and the coastline of Dubai.

The orange reflects the sun, sand and the warmth of the people of Dubai, while the blue reflects the endless blue skies and the sparkling blue seas that Dubai is famous for.

Already, flydubai has announced four destinations, Beirut, Amman, Damascus and Alexandria.

flydubai will operate from an enhanced and modernised Terminal 2 on the north side of Dubai International Airport.

flydubai destinations

flydubai destinations

  • From 01 June 2009, flydubai will offer daily return flights between Dubai and Beirut
  • From 02 June 2009, flydubai will offer daily return flights between Dubai and Amman
  • From 08 June 2009, flydubai will offer daily return flights between Dubai and Damascus
  • From 09 June 2009, flydubai will offer daily return flights between Dubai and Alexandria

The flydubai network will expand rapidly. You’ll soon be able to flydubai to other cities in the Middle East, GCC and India. And eventually, the network will extend to Iran, Eastern Europe and North & East Africa.

Flydubai announced new job vacancies

New vacancies announced by Flydubai are: –

Flydubai announces new routes to Damascus and Alexandria

Just weeks after the launch of its first routes to Beirut and Amman, flydubai – Dubai’s first low cost airline – has announced daily flights to Damascus starting from June 8th 2009 and daily flights to Alexandria from June 9th, 2009.

In line with its business strategy to rapidly expand its regional network, flydubai chose Damascus and Alexandria as its next routes due to the popularity of the destinations among the expatriate population in the UAE and because the cities are attractive to holidaymakers looking for a short summer break.

The seat price includes all taxes and a generous hand baggage allowance of 10kgs. When traveling with flydubai, passengers only have to pay for the optional extras they choose, such as checked bags of up to 32kgs each, seat selection and any desired food and beverages.

flydubai’s CEO, Ghaith Al Ghaith said further routes would be launched in quick succession and several announcements have been planned for the coming weeks. ‘The response when we launched our first routes to Amman and Beirut was phenomenal. We were inundated with calls from travellers checking flight availability as soon as the website went live.’

‘Our aim is to establish and strengthen our presence in the region’s budget travel sector and we will be quickly adding new destinations and expanding our reach for tourists as well as the large working expatriate population across the region,’ Ghaith added.

The airline will issue each passenger with a boarding pass once the booking has been paid for, eliminating the need for e-tickets or paper tickets. Mr. Ghaith believes that this is an excellent time to introduce these routes.

flydubai opens for business with flights to Dubai

Dubai’s first low cost airline, flydubai, has announced flights will start on June 2nd 2009 with a daily service to Dubai.

The airline’s new website went live on April 6th 2009 and the response on bookings has so far been overwhelming. Passengers are also able to book flights through travel partners or the call centre (06 5507660).

flydubai has chosen Jordan as one of its debut destinations because of its popularity with expatriates in Dubai and the UAE, as well as with Jordanians wanting to visit Dubai. The timing of the launch caters perfectly to the important and busy summer season.

Fares will start from just 80 JOD one way to Dubai and are inclusive of the seat price, all taxes and a generous hand baggage allowance of 10kgs, unmatched in the region. Passengers only have to pay for the optional extras they choose, such as checked bags of up to 32kgs each, seat selection and any food and beverages.

HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, Chairman of flydubai, said the new airline’s business philosophy is very straightforward:

“As a true low cost airline we are geared towards providing our passengers with the best price and increased choice. We will operate efficiently and continually evolve to deliver the best possible product to our customers. We are committed to bringing a new option to the market and to growing the region’s budget air travel business,” he said.

The airline will issue each passenger with a boarding pass once the booking has been paid for, eliminating the need for e-tickets and paper tickets. flydubai CEO, Ghaith Al Ghaith, believes the daily Amman flights are the perfect way to launch the airline:

“With the popularity of this destination and the timing right at the start of summer, this is a great beginning,” he said.

“We are offering a low cost alternative to residents of Dubai and Jordan who want to travel for leisure or visit relatives and friends more often. flydubai is making travel affordable and easier than ever before. We are looking forward to welcoming our first customers to flydubai,” he said.

The new airline will operate from an enhanced and modernised Terminal 2 on the north side of Dubai International Airport. Further destinations will be announced shortly, all of which will be within 4.5 hours flying time of Dubai. flydubai will operate Next-Generation Boeing 737-800 aircraft on all of its routes, each with 189 economy class seats.

Flydubai network to cover 16 routes by end of 2009

Low-budget airline flydubai is still hoping to make a profit in 2009 – its first year of operations, says CEO Ghaith Al Ghaith.

“According to our plan, we will try to make profits this year, and we have not taken into account the possibility of making losses. But logically, if profits were made over the next three years it would be good,” he told a local Arabic daily.

Al Ghaith said the airline was not experiencing problems raising finance for its ambitious aircraft purchase programmes. He expected it would be flying on up to 16 routes by the end of the year provided the necessary approvals were obtained from the authorities.

The carrier has ordered 54 Boeings, which are due for delivery up to 2015-2016. Two are due to be handed over in May while six will be delivered before the end of the year and a further eight next year.

“There is no difficulty over finance because of the confidence in the aviation industry in the UAE in general,” he said. “Therefore, we managed to obtain finance offers from local and foreign banks. They are almost guaranteed offers, but we try to get the best offers.”

He said the airline aimed to offer passengers only the services they needed – and admitted that ticket prices had risen since they were first announced.

“Our aim is to have the lowest prices with as much flexibility as possible. A passenger only pays for the services he needs. Therefore, we have cut down on procedures to save the passenger money and time.

“We handle luggage piece-wise rather than weight-wise. We have set Dh40 for the first 32kg suitcase and Dh100 for the second 32kg suitcase, which is low compared to other carriers. We cut down on procedures to reduce costs and this reflects on ticket prices.

“It is true we started with low prices that rose gradually, which is normal. But our prices are still lower than those of others.”

Flydubai will commence operations at the beginning of June with flights to Amman and Beirut.

“We chose those destinations because they are important in summer and see an active travel movement. We opted for a small number of destinations to test our systems and staff. Over the next few days we will announce other destinations. We cannot disclose them now because there are some procedures that need the approval of the bodies concerned.

“But we can say that by the end of the year there will be 12 to 16 destinations, depending on the approvals. Some will be daily, some more than once a day and others weekly.”

He said the airline would endeavour to match the achievements of Emirates, Etihad and Air Arabia.

“It is those companies that have put the UAE on the world map.

“We will try to add and complete what those companies have started.”

On the nature of flydubai’s relationship with Emirates and whether it would take customers away from the carrier, he said: “We serve different customers. Emirates focuses on high-level services while we concentrate on passengers who seek lower prices.”